Experts At Servicing Your Signage Needs

Complete marketing and architectural signage programs for Residential and Mulitfamily communities. We have a team of well-seasoned signage professionals with years of experience and an eye for excellence. Our design goal is to create a memorable and recognizable look while maintaining continuity throughout your designs.

Expertise & Capabilities

Impact Sign & Graphics is a family owned business which started in Las Vegas in 2011, expanded to Phoenix in 2014, and opened our 3rd location in Southern California in 2021.  While always maintaining a focus on our customer, Impact has been able to capture and maintain high profile clients by providing exceptional customer service and the highest quality products. As a family owned and operated company, with managing partners onsite, Impact has the ability to understand the local market and can easily adapt to clients requests. With over 9,500 square feet in Las Vegas, 9,200 square feet of warehouse space in Phoenix, and another 10,000 square feet in Southern California, Impact Sign & Graphics has the capacity to do jobs of all sizes and service the entire southwest market.  Impact Sign & Graphics has been able to assemble an outstanding team that is focused on delivering a great customer experience to our expanding client footprint.

We take pride in customizing your signage needs with a focus on maximizing brand awareness.  Our Leadership team, Account Executives, Designers and installation team are experienced and driven to bring your ideas and projects to life!  These are just a small sample of the options that can make a true Impact on your project:

  • Large Offsite signage
  • Monumentation
  • Sales Offices
  • Weekend Directional Signs
  • Pole and or Skid Signs
  • Living Signs
  • Balloons and Large aerial Displays
  • Custom Flags & Banners

Our Team

Doug O’Coyne

Managing Partner
(602) 710-8455


Shawn O’Coyne

Managing Partner
(619) 778-6059


Ryan O’Coyne

Managing Partner
Southern California Office
(951) 541-7471


Perry Lowe

Division Manager
Las Vegas Office
(702) 622-0381


Lisa Nickolas

Account Executive
Las Vegas Office
(702) 832-9873


Jim Rice

Account Executive
Las Vegas Office
(702) 429-0822


Domingo Mota

Production Manager
Las Vegas Office
(702) 350-3066


Jake Schneider

Account Executive
Southern California Office
(206) 553-9092


Melissa Blyleven

Account Executive
Southern California Office
(951) 416-3001


Diana Zona

Office Manager
Las Vegas and Phoenix Office
(702) 768-5861


Amber Barrick

Senior Account Executive
Phoenix Office
(480) 636-6309


Mark Burruell

Operations Manager
Phoenix Office
(602) 328-0502